Author Maggie Thom's Split Seconds (Book 3)

What I Just Read: Split Seconds by Maggie Thom

I finished reading Split Seconds (book 3 in the Caspian Wine series) by Maggie Thom and here are my thoughts. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a genuine review of it. Advance copies are available on Amazon, with the book launch slated for July 20.

I’ve read Captured Lies, which is the first book in the series, and when Maggie Thom offered me the opportunity to read book 3 I jumped at the chance, even though I still have to play catch-up with reading book 2. Let’s just say though that I was impressed with book 1 – you can read my Goodreads review here – and so I wanted to read more from her. That said, book 1 can be read as a standalone; you don’t have to delve into the rest of the series if you don’t want to, although it’s fun as some of the characters from book 1 appear in book 3.

Now, back to Split Seconds. It’s a great title for a fast-paced read that has both suspense and mystery, as well as a bit of romance. As with Captured Lies, there’s none of that cheesy love scene stuff; instead, they’re realistic moments. I liked how the book opened with a pivotal scene (as I later found out) and I had to keep reading to get answers to the many questions brought on by that initial scene.

The characters of Tijan and Tarin, who are twins, are well developed, and it’s obvious from a few chapters into the book that they’re very different from one another, even though they’re identical appearance-wise. I also liked the character August, who is a hard-working, kind man. I would have liked for James, the twins’ father, to be better developed as he is one of those ruthless businessmen who you almost love to hate. I felt there could be more sides explored for him (perhaps in the next book, if the series continues).

Oooooh and the ending! I was like wowa – and then wowa again – as there are several twists and turns. The puzzle pieces come together but not as I expected. I like it when books aren’t overly predictable and such was the case here. No spoilers in this review!

I give Split Seconds (The Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series Book 3) by Maggie Thom 5 out of 5 stars.

What are you reading? 🙂

Footprints in the sand creative prompt

aFa Footprints Short Story Challenge Accepted!

Recently, Frank at A Frank Angle challenged bloggers to write a short story based on the image above. It had to be 150 words or less, be posted after his entry goes live on July 10th, and bear the title “Footprints in the Sand.”

Challenge accepted! Here is Frank’s creative entry and below is my submission. I’m happy to have had the photo prompt and Frank’s encouragement. Here is where my imagination led me:

Footprints in the Sand

It was all that Magnus had left. Amy’s footprints in the sand. No more coconut aroma as she rushed up to hug him. No more circling his arms around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss. He moaned at the mental image of her soft lips coated with strawberry gloss brushing against his own.

Kneeling down, he put his hands gently over the marks left by the soles of her red runners. Amy’s words “on my own” and “growth” repeated in his head and he wondered how long he would hear the breaking of her voice as she said, “harder on me than you.”

As he drove his fist into the sand, he noticed a hint of blue to the side. Her woven bracelet. He grabbed it with a new vigor. He could drive to her house in 20 minutes. He could almost taste the strawberries again.


©2017 Christy Birmingham

Short Story Challenge Participation Badge

The badge for Completing the aFa Short Story Challenge. Woohoo! Image via A Frank Angle.

On a Footprints Challenge

Ohhh I just heard that Frank over at AFrankAngle has unleashed a short story challenge. Take a look and see if you want to participate 🙂 Please read the original post for details!

A Frank Angle

It’s challenge time!

Long-time visitors to my little corner of the world know that writing fiction isn’t my thing. With over 1,900 posts, I’ve written one fiction post. Actually two because the original post did turn into a short story challenge that involved me changing my original story.

Not that I’m changing my format in on these pages, but what the heck – let’s try it again!

1. Write a short story based on the image below in the genre of your choice.

2. The story must be 150 words or less.

3. Publish your story after I post mine (Monday, July 10th @ 12:15 am Eastern US) AND link back to the post with my story (not this post).

4. Display the image above your story

5. The story title must be Footprints in the Sand

6. Display the following image after the story.

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