The Measurements are In… And Are Doubled

I want to bow. I want to sing at the top of my lungs, but I don’t want you to have to listen to my scratchy voice. That wouldn’t be polite, now would it?

Enter keyboard.

Enter christyb, my on-line persona. My gal-pal, my right-hand lady. Well actually she’s both hands. She is me. This is my tenth post so you are getting to know her/I mean me/I mean us.

Enter the awards.

This week, christyb and Poetic Parfait gratefully accept two blogging awards. What a week!

This is christyb I’m smiling.

The Timetables

Thank-you Raymond of Incoming Bytes for nominating my blog for the 7X7 Award!

I'm seeing stars. In a good way.

If I smile any harder perhaps my face will get stuck like this. Isn’t that what my mom used to say when I crossed my eyes as a child? No wait…

Now to follow the rules for accepting the award:

1. Thank the Nominator.

My mom did tell me to thank people when they are nice to me. Thank-you Raymond!

2. Share an in interesting fact about me.

When I was younger my favourite exterior colour for cars was brown. If you are laughing, I am joining you!

3. Share links to seven of my favorite posts from my own blog, categorizing them according to ‘most helpful,’ ‘most underrated’…

This I choose not to do as my blog now has ten posts and I will not pick favorites among them.

4.  Nominate seven new bloggers to receive this award.

I have chosen seven great blogs. I personally follow each of them. I am happy to share more than cookies and tea today.

Here are the links:

5. Advise all seven winners of their award. They now have 49 more things to do. Aha there is the explanation of 7X7. I knew those mathematical tables would come in handy.

I’m sending out the seven messages right after I click “publish.”

Simply Lovely

A Lovely Award

Miro of the blog Warrior Poet Wisdom has kindly honoured me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Simply put: lovely.

Thank-you Miro.

The rules appear open here. I nominate blogs which I believe deserve the award. What a privilege!

Here are links to two of my favorites:

Thank-you to my readers, followers, supporters, and those who are all three. You motivate me to keep writing and keep my head held high.

This is christyb, over, out, and under.

41 thoughts on “The Measurements are In… And Are Doubled

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    Thank you so much for giving me this award, I really appreciate it! I really love those awards that are open-ended and that have no so-called “rules” or so-called “requirements” to follow! What a relief! I will make a post about this award soon. Thank you so much and I am truly honored that you have chosen my little blog here for your award!


  2. Marc Phillippe Babineau

    Great post, Christy! Always a good insight. However, i much preferred your other sign-out, “this is Christyb, I’m listening”. I was never one to go for chain letters when I was younger (maybe that’s why I never won the jackpot in the lottery? I did get 6 of 7 in the 6/49 twice, maybe that was bad joo-joo from not sending out those chain letters?) and still don’t understand their allure. But, award swapping is fun and builds a camaraderie amongst followers and bloggers. So, in that vein, congratulations!


    1. christyb Post author

      Thank-you MB for stopping by, always nice to get a visit from you. Yes it is nice to be acknowledged by peers and share the wealth. As for winning the lottery, now wouldn’t that be nice?! Answer: yes!


  3. nigelld

    Well done Christy and a big thank you for your nomination, I’m glad I make someone smile, I can assure you I have to try a darn sight harder in my house of 4 ladies(not meant as an insult, quite acceptable where I live).
    I’m now trying to decipher the rules of nomination so I don’t mess it up.
    Nigel 😉


    1. christyb Post author

      Your blog was an easy choice for me to include in my nominations Nigel. I will recommend it whenever I am able. As for the rules, don’t worry too much and enjoy the spotlight. Have a great day!


  4. Whatsername Jewelry

    What a nice surprise this morning as catching up on blogs I follow that you included my blog on your list. Not sure how this whole thing works but I shall do my research and spread the love to other bloggers. Happy 10th post. Next goal, 15!


    1. christyb Post author

      You are so welcome. I have learned much from your social media-related posts. Congrats to you! And yes the next goal is 15… I suppose I should get started on that soon…


  5. pattymooney

    Thank you Christy! You are very thoughtful!
    I would like to thank you, my mother, my father, …. (music rises as though to shoo me off the stage) and all the devoted bloggers and readers out their in Cyberspace!


  6. Androgoth

    Well done on your Awards my friend…
    If you ever wish to take an adventure
    into the wicked side, then just drop by
    for a ghoulishly made cuppa and a
    friendly natter… Well give or take a
    few Skeletons here and there but I
    do have a friendly Space to frequent
    if that is what you would like 🙂



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