Author Interview on the Reading to Writing Journey

Reading to Writing: A Q&A on My Author’s Journey

Thank you to Maggie Thom for having me over today to participate in her series titled “An Author’s Journey Through Reading to Writing”!

I met Maggie several years ago, and we have kept in contact through our blogs and social media every since. Her books are dynamic reads, and I suggest you check out her website too!

Here is the interview in which Maggie asked me a series of questions about my journey through reading to writing. For any writer, I truly believe that reading is an essential tool for success! Thank you to all who stop by to read and comment on the interview. Your support is humbling.


64 thoughts on “Reading to Writing: A Q&A on My Author’s Journey

  1. Heartafire

    It was delightful learning more about you Christy B. I love the idea having of setting reading goals for our kids on school breaks. They are way ahead of the game going back. Your book cover is amazing! Hugs!

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  2. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    Great to know more about you and your journey as a reader and as an author. I also like the book”Alice in Wonderland” very much…. it has much to explore in its apparently incoherent dialogues…one of my all time favs.

    Wonderful interview and best of luck to you… 🙂

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  3. melouisef

    How come we read such a lot when we were kids? Because we had no social media or even TV here. We spoke to each other, went to the library , met others.. what a different life. But one thing I would like to take back with me in time is gps 😍


  4. Alessandro Tinchini

    What a journey, Christy! I started quite late, indeed, my process has been slower, but it’s always a joy to read other fellow writers’ experiences along the path. It is like following a hero’s endeavors and who are we if not the survivors of a continuous fight?
    Thank you for sharing.

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  5. dgkaye

    Always nice to learn more about you Christy. ❤ I grew up without a book in my home so my imagination was my muse and I began buying and devouring books after I moved away from home, oh and of course, the classics we read in school. 🙂 xo

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  6. rollyachabotbooks

    Great interview Christy and Maggie… I keep seeing this dedication being displayed of your writing career as a slow, steady, inspiring journey you have been on. Each step has been a surefooted move to the next level… we are all proud of you Christy…

    Hugs from Alberta


  7. Annika Perry

    Lovely interview, Christy! 😀 The key to enjoying books seems to be to start young – and after that it’s almost impossible not to have a book on the go! From there is seems a short step to wanting to write too..Your childhood favourites are some of mine too, CS Lewis is just pure magic and such a joy to read and Nancy Drew mysteries were such fun! Great to learn more about you, Christy.

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  8. Prajakta

    The interview was so good 🙂 It is amazing to read how we make the leap from one stage to another. And all your childhood favourites coincide with mine – Narnia was my first introduction to fantasy and Alice keeps teaching me stuff till date.



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