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Science Fiction and Bio-Terrorism

Women Survivors of Bio-Terrorism: Dana Scully and Elizabeth Shaw

It’s all about science fiction today with this guest post from the talented writer Natacha Guyot. You may remember her from a popular post called My Love of Spaceships. I’m happy to have her back to talk more about sci-fi, this time with an emphasis on two female characters whose names may sound familiar: Dana Scully and Elizabeth Shaw. The stage is all yours, Natacha!

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Guest Post from Writer Natacha Guyot

Author Natacha Guyot Discusses Science Fiction and Women.

Today, I would like to give a closer look at two female characters who could not only survive their ordeal but turn their circumstances around in an empowered manner. These two are Dana Scully from the X-Files and Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus.

Both are submitted to traumatic experiments against their will. Several events occur between seasons 2 to 5 of the X-Files. Dana Scully is abducted and has her reproductive material harvested, leading her to be pronounced infertile.

What was stolen from Scully was partially used to create a human and alien hybrid daughter, Emily, she briefly knows before the girl’s death. Scully was also implanted with a chip during her abduction whose removal causes cancer.

In Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw was impregnated with alien genetic material, thus finding herself pregnant with a monstrous fetus, although she stated earlier in the movie that she couldn’t conceive children. Continue reading

A Sci-Fi Character

Science Fiction 101: What is Leviathan, Cyborg, and Humanoid?

Every genre of books has its share of literary terms. This point was reinforced in my head as I read the essay Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape by Natacha Guyot, which discussed the role of the gunship Talyn in the sci-fi TV series Farscape.

In the read, which I reviewed at Goodreads, I noted many terms that would be familiar to science fiction enthusiasts but might not be clear to someone new to the genre. I realized there are a lot of intriguing characters in the sci-fi world that are anything but human (at least not in their entirety) and are worth defining here.

Here are some of the science fiction terms I came across in Guyet’s essay:

Leviathan: What Does it Mean in the Sci-Fi Context?

If this term were not used in reference to Farscape, you would be correct in saying that leviathan is a large mythical sea creature. But, in Farscape, Leviathan has a different meaning, which is a sentient spaceship. Leviathans have feelings and communicate mainly through non-verbal methods, which can include conveying messages through the pilot.

Moya was an example of a leviathan ship in the Farscape universe and had a close relationship with the alien blue-skinned pilot. Interestingly, Talyn, which is Moya’s offspring, is a combination of Leviathan and Peacekeeper technology.

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Writing about spaceships

My Love of Spaceships: Guest Post by Author Natacha Guyot

Hello friends! I hope you are flying high today because we’re spending time in the skies, way up there! Today author Natacha Guyot is visiting us to talk about spaceships, science fiction, writing, and how all three tie together. Let’s give her a warm welcome.

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Profile Photo of Author Natacha Guyot

Meet Author Natacha Guyot.

I was introduced to Science Fiction when only two years old; with the Muppet Show episode featuring Star Wars cast members from the Original Trilogy. Yet, my first vibrant memory of a space ship isn’t the Pigs in Space craft but the starships in the actual Star Wars movies, which I saw when seven. Up to this day, I have a great fondness for the Millenium Falcon.

I appreciate different types of Science Fiction, but Space Opera might be my favorite. The strong stories in space (including battles) of it have to do with such a liking. When I used to create fan videos, the space sequences were always a joy to incorporate into my projects.

Spaceships are fascinating whether as machines (means of transportation, flying homes for one or more characters) or in a rarer form as sentient beings. The latter case was one of the reason that I watched the TV series Farscape with much interest. The Leviathans were a fascinating species and I liked how the communication was developed whether via their symbiotic alien pilot for the pureblood Leviathans or via sounds and lights for Talyn, the Peacekeeper/Leviathan hybrid. This fascination eventually led to delving in more details about this special spaceship’s storyline in my essay Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape.

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