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Artistic Circles with Darkness Behind Them

Poem: The Next Take

The Next Take

You sat there in the dark, collecting dust
For days upon days
As you laid on a bed of pens and
Scissors with a bent handle.

I let you out
For a short visit here and there,
Undoing your jacket of dust
With a flutter, and a frown on my part.

Tick, tick, said the messenger, and then
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Writing a Poem about a Wolf

A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

Hi all! This new poem called “Challenge” gets its inspiration from a particular piece of street art depicting a wolf. The amazing artwork was photographed by Resa of Graffiti Lux and Murals, as part of Kids’ Month. Resa has taken photos of wonderful youth-friendly street art and asked for submissions of poetry and short stories to accompany them throughout the month of March. I’m happy to be a part of the exciting project this year! You can participate too by following the link above.

This wolf art caught my eye with its bright colors and wonderful details. The artist is Cash Akoza.

Blue Eyed Wolf Street Art

Wolf Art Inspires Poetry. Art © Cash Akoza. Photo © Resa McConaghy.

And here is the poem that stirred in my mind as I looked at the wolf street art:


You’re a lone wolf,
Away from the pack and
Savoring a fearless thought,
Blue eyes intent on the path ahead.

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A haiku about Petra in Jordan

The Natural World of Haiku (Guest Post)

Are you a fan of the haiku? Curious as to how to write one? Would you like to read a few of them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to read this guest post from acclaimed poet Hadel S. Ma’ayeh. You can read more of her intelligent writing at Hadel Poetry Prose Arts and Storytelling. The poetic stage is yours, Hadel!

✎ ✎ ✎ ✎

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Christy for inviting me as a guest author on her blogging site, Poetic Parfait; I also would like to add, it is a privilege.

For me personally, I enjoy reading and writing poetry since the age of nine and maybe even younger. I was lucky enough to have encouraging teachers in my life who offered me support in writing poetry and other works.

So I am delighted to share with you a particular type of poetry form, called haiku. Although in the poetry universe, there are about 55 poetic patterns one may choose from. Haiku is the creative art form named by Masaoka Shiki in the 19th century Japan. Yes, Haiku is Japanese poetry that was previously called hokku. However, I will be discussing about English Haiku that varies in comparison to the Japanese Haiku. For instance, in English, haiku is written in three lines to correspond to the three parts of a haiku in Japanese that generally consists of five, seven, and then five based on the Japanese count sounds and not English syllables. A traditional haiku usually contains the season or nature in which the poem is set.

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Infusing Creativity into Your Life in 2017 (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post is from the talented writer Cynthia Sageleaf of Intuitive and Spiritual. Welcome to the site, Cynthia! When she approached me about providing a guest post full of helpful insights on creative exploration for the new year upon us, as well as offering a poem, I was stoked! Still am 😉 Take it away, Cynthia:

✿✿✿ ✿✿✿ ✿✿✿


Meet Cynthia Sageleaf. She’s out in nature and having a blast!

Tapping Into Your Creative Potential

The poem below reflects what goes on in my head during those early morning hours – that time before the world wakes up and I need to get moving for the day. I have now learned to cherish those moments, to center myself and to remember to strive for balance, if imperfectly.

I am a creative soul, but I’m always looking for ideas. This poem will shed some light on my morning routine and tapping into the Inner Knowing that unlocks creative potential.

The Wee Hours

Wake up early, groggy and still in the land of


I take a breath and feel around in the ambient darkness for fuzzy slippers and soft overcoats…

I amble to that cushion where I will sit, cross-legged in the silent stillness of early morn. To find the balance. To find the Fountain of All Things.

I call upon my breath: cooler air when I inhale, and warmer air on the exhale.

Thirty times sixty seconds, the moments scroll by behind closed eyelids.

Flashes of color and drifting thoughts splatter against the screen…and slowly drip away, leaving the expanse of the Rest of the Universe.

But even when those thoughts stick like egg-based tempera…

The Aware Me gently prods the Unaware to move back to the breath, gently urging extraneous thoughts to drip away…like dripping blobs on painted wood that eventually congeal in the dry air.

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