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New Poem: Lack of Direction

Truth lies

Truth lies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lies can tear apart relationships. They may start small and grow into tumbling snowballs, picking up more hate with each roll… I was once very close to a man who told me many lies, including his faithfulness to me. No longer with him, I prefer honesty in the people around me and value the genuine friends I have today.

As I thought about the pain of lies, I created this poem.

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Romantic Poem for the Day

The weekend is here and so are the romantic words. Here is my latest poem.

This is christyb, presenting lines that frame a vision of happiness.

English: Foggy sunrise in San Francisco and Bu...

English: Foggy sunrise in San Francisco and Buteo jamaicensis with a mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Little Longer

Your inner sunrise
Wakes me up with a gentleness
That needs no alarm clock, as
Your lips dust my cheek and
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C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley

I so proud of this poem that I wrote with talented poet and artist Cat Forsley. We have wanted to work together on a project for a long time and we were able to as we penned this poem “Circle” together.
Much love to you all, and may friendship surround your hearts today!