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Unveiling a New Site and Awards: Wow, Happy Friday!

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well and made it through the week smoothly (okay, if not smoothly then I hope at least there were calm parts to it). Insert smiles: here!

I am excited today to unveil my new site, also here on WordPress. I have been working on it over the past week, although I have had this idea for several months now. And, of course, the root of it goes back many years for me. You see, it’s a website intended to celebrate women. It is called When Women Inspire. To read the first post there, click the image below.

When Women Inspire Logo

The new site is titled When Women Inspire

When Women Inspire: What it is

The goal for the site is set out on its About page, along with my reason for starting it. When Women Inspire is a site that I hope encourages women to achieve all that they have the potential to be. And I am fortunate to have met some amazing women in my life so far. Feel free to check out the site and follow it, although I by no means am making you. I understand it won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s fine. After all, if we all liked the same things then the world would be even crazier than it already is!

Awards for Poetic Parfait

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