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William D. Holland's Coloring Book Launches

Why a Novelist Created a Coloring Book

Please join me in welcoming writer William D. Holland back to the blog. If you missed the author interview with Bill or weren’t yet following Poetic Parfait, please check it out. Today Bill has a guest post for us. The idea for it came when I learned last week of the coloring book he recently released to the world, titled The Urban Farming Coloring Book. To this point, I had known him primarily for his fictional works and his excellent tips for writers. So, I asked Bill: “Why did you create a coloring book?” Here is his wonderful guest post in response to my question.

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Christy, thank you so much for the opportunity to share my little story with all of your readers.

So, why a novelist created a coloring book…that is the question.

I am, most definitely, a novelist.  I have five self-published novels, another one nearly completed, and five novellas to my credit.  I can’t even count the number of short stories I’ve written.

I love fiction!  I am alive when I’m developing a story, every single one of my senses vibrating as I paint a scene.

So what in the world am I doing publishing a coloring book?

Coloring Book Creator Bill Holland

Author Bill Holland stands confidently as a talented author and creator of a coloring book. Photo used with the permission of Bill Holland.

Farmers Markets

Besides being a writer I’m also an urban farmer.  My wife and I spend quite a bit of our time, during the summer, at farmers markets selling our quail eggs.  Last year, while working our booth, I decided we needed another product to sell, something that would appeal to a broader crowd.

Take my love of farming, combine it with my love of writing, and you have a coloring book, an Urban Farming Coloring Book, one that not only has pictures to color but also has information on how to farm in an urban setting.

Each “chapter” covers a certain aspect of urban farming i.e. how to raise chickens, how to prepare the soil, how to raise quail, how to compost, and each chapter has a picture that relates to that information.  I had great fun formatting the book, despite the formatting problems I knew would come, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  Hopefully someone will agree with me and buy it.

How Do You Make a Coloring Book?

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Talk Time: Author Interview with Bill Holland

Bill Holland

Bill Holland, author. He is enjoying some quiet time! Photo Source: Bill Holland.

Come join in on the author interview with Bill Holland! Here we go…!

Christy: Hi Bill, and welcome to Parfait-land! After knowing you online for several years, I am so happy to have you here for a visit today. You are certainly busy these days as an avid blogger, author and HubPages expert. Given your limited free time it means a lot to me that you agreed to do this interview.

Today, let’s focus on your new book Resurrecting Tobias. Go ahead and sit down – let’s get started on this author interview! Tell us a little about yourself and your writing background.

Bill: First, thank you, Christy, for letting me visit Parfait-land.  I know that you know how much I admire your work, but more importantly, I admire you as a human being, so it’s a pleasure being here.

My background? I was a teacher for eighteen years….a business owner…worked at probably twenty-five or thirty jobs over the years…but always wanted to write.  Life just kept getting in the way, or I wasn’t willing to make the commitment…choose whichever excuse you want. J  Finally, a little over three years ago, something snapped inside of me. I certainly wasn’t getting any younger, and I felt the time was running out on my dream, so I quit my teaching job and went freelance full-time.  Just like that I was a writer.

Within six months I was paying my bills as a freelancer, and my first novel was completed and now, three years later, I’m working on novel number three and loving every minute of this experience.

Christy: Wow! You are accomplishing so much! Now I’m curious, what writers inspire you?

Bill: There are so many, Christy. I grew up reading voraciously and I’ve never stopped, but the two authors who jump out immediately are Harper Lee and John Steinbeck.  Among today’s contemporary authors, James Lee Burke tops the list.

Lee and Steinbeck waited years to find a publisher…can you imagine?  Well yes, most of us can imagine.  There are quite a few great writers out there who may never get published.  Anyway, their struggles motivate me.  If Lee and Steinbeck had to work in obscurity for years, then I need to pay my dues as well.

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